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Dear readers

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my latest English text on 

coming back soon if I can, als on facebook---unter filosofisch verzet (philosophical resistance)

Planetary News 2040

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Planetary News 2040

My grandson Oliver, aged 24, was reading the international topics.

“Next week, an adjustment to the planetary constitution program will be voted on worldwide. If it is accepted with a majority on a worldwide scale, it will be implemented at the start of next year, 2040. Since the world has evaluated to a place where everyone is entitled to a job or, a kind of basic income or both, and the ones who are working in production or services areas a...

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some important notions about love

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Some important notions about love

Above all, learn to feel the love inside yourself and learn who to give it to.

Examine the roads which philosophy and history walked in order to bring us more consciousness about every aspect of life. Love the arts. Take care of your body, do not overcharge it. Chair it with your chosen one. Do not let negative emotions enter your relationships with people. Chair and enjoy friendsh...

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To everyone, who is open for 'it'

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To everyone, who is open for ‘it’

To those who keep on loving life.

To those who know that nothing can exist without a known or unknown form of energy.

To tose who know that emptiness cannot exist, but realizes that one can create a kind of emptiness in one’ s...

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so there really was life after dead

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particular energy

A few sentences are in Book Antiqua style and date from 9/1O/2010 or have been later introduced or reworked. Original text I wrote in 2003

So there really was life after death.

About ten, twelve years ago I wrote the following senses: " Peace will come in the heart of the ones with honest souls. Prevent the world from destruction and lead people to better lives. Never...

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They said they would send the holy spirit

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They said he would send us the holy spirit In many ways I tried to approach an number of fundamental things. The creation of cosmos due to the fact that something smaller or equal to nothing cannot exist. When meaningless is approached, pressure mounts and like the big bang explodes. That’s why everything has a meaning. Nihilism is a contradiction. Sense could not be stopped. The voyage from radiation towards th...

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Blogartist presents his first post

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Hello I am a blogartist. I try to make people aware that next to the difficult part in themselves, they also have a light part. I try to make people abandon their negative feelings and discover themselves, even do it hurts...there is a way to be born again even from difficult situations...sometimes, from time to time, it becomes too late for a real change and one suffers from neglecting things in the past. The same laws apply both in historical and personal matters. I mainly have blogs in Du...

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