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Posted by octaaf senseblogger on February 6, 2011 at 12:25 PM

Hello I am a blogartist. I try to make people aware that next to the difficult part in themselves, they also have a light part. I try to make people abandon their negative feelings and discover themselves, even do it hurts...there is a way to be born again even from difficult situations...sometimes, from time to time, it becomes too late for a real change and one suffers from neglecting things in the past. The same laws apply both in historical and personal matters. I mainly have blogs in Dutch an a few limited ones in English : for all links

(temporally for English readers who want more already  : see 'closer to the soul link'   



the 12 commandements


develop the stronger part in yourself


search for objective knowledge


overcome your negative emotions


do your part of the work


take the time for silence and nature


money was a means of, not a purpose


discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness


don’t life only for working for money


too much consumption spoils yourself


discover the symbolism of the meaning of life


life brings you closer to the hart of life : separating sense from nonsense




They all have their own problems, not only because of their own history and their own nature, experiences and decisions. But they should be aware of leading a good life. Not only for themselves, but everyone they are connected with in many ways. People are connected telepathically and they have an influence on each other both in a spoken, sense and by their thoughts and feelings. They inherited some problems to overcome, but they often repeat some mistakes of the past, without overcoming them and then they get stuck with their lives or society.

Each individual has a certain degree of masculinity and femininity. The difference can be big. It is not the purpose of being alive that one’s aim is to dominate another person, using too much masculinity in oneself if one is a woman, neither too much femininity to letting oneself be dominated, if one is a man.

There is a lot of insanity in the world, both politically and on a personal level. But there is lot of progress being made and an enormous part of joy as well.

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